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Lincoln chiropractor Dr. Scott Roker

Dr. Scott Roker

I was a Skeptic about Chiropractic…

I was a skeptic about chiropractic until I hurt my neck playing football in high school.  I went to my medical doctor and  got the usual treatments of medication and physical therapy. After a couple days with no results, a friend took me to see his chiropractor and within a week I was feeling much better and able to play again.

At Cherry Hill Chiropractic We Strive to Improve Your Overall Health

My philosophy as a chiropractor in Lincoln is that subluxations cause the body not to function correctly, causing you not to function at optimal health.

In our Lincoln chiropractic office, I first meet with each prospective patient and make sure their health issue can be one that chiropractic can help with or they may need to be referred out to another health care provider. If we do determine they can be helped by chiropractic care we will design a care plan to help them with their specific problem.

Your journey to health and wellness starts here.  Please call our Lincoln chiropractic office to see how we can help you.

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