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Chiropractic Care

Dr Roker adjusting patientCherry Hill Chiropractic Center is proud to offer a variety of chiropractic techniques for patients. We understand that each and every one of you faces a unique set of problems, and we’re here to listen to your goals and let you know how we can help.

For each patient, Dr. Roker will devise a unique care plan focused on your needs.

Common adjustment styles we use include:

  • Thompson drop table—designed to enhance movement of the spine with focused correction and the use of a moveable table.
  • Diversified—one of the most popular, hands-on adjustment techniques.
  • Activator—a handheld instrument that allows us to gently adjust patients seeking a conservative approach—ideal for the elderly and children.
  • Gonstead—a science-backed approach designed to break up adhesions and prevent vertebrae from shifting out of place.

A Focus on Upper Cervical Care

While patients often enter our practice with back pain, the problem doesn’t always lie in their back. We’re thrilled to be the first in our area to offer patients a new way to battle—and beat—back pain—by focusing on your neck.

The upper cervical area is home to thousands of nerves pulsing from your brain to other organs. It’s also home to your atlas—the top bone in your neck. When this area is misaligned and the nervous system isn’t functioning optimally, issues can occur all over your body. Often pain and other symptoms only show up later on.

By helping to ensure your upper cervical area is balanced, the rest of your spine can work as it was designed to. We’re seeing incredible results with this approach to care, and we can’t wait for you to experience them first hand.

Unlock Your Health Today

Our team would love to meet you and your family. To learn more about chiropractic care and how you can improve your life naturally, contact us to book an appointment.

We bet you’ll be glad you did.

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