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Meet Dr. Scott Roker

Chiropractor Lincoln, Dr. Scott Roker

I was a skeptic about chiropractic until the day I suffered a neck injury in football.

Dr. Roker did the usual things first, like made an appointment with a medical doctor. The doctor gave him pills and a referral to a physical therapist, but neither one really worked out. Later, a friend of his took him to see his chiropractor and in just six visits he could see positive results.

Dr. Roker has been a believer in chiropractic ever since. In fact, he’s been practicing since 1995.

Dr. Roker chose the chiropractic profession due to the fact it worked so well for him. He could also see the benefits of a health care system that strengthens the host instead of battling the disease.

A Chiropractic Education

After graduating from Beatrice High School, Dr. Roker enrolled at Nebraska Wesleyan where he received his bachelor of science in biology. He was headed towards medical school until his own chiropractor took him to Palmer for a visit.

There, they had to help an older lady into the clinic, who was struggling to move with her walker. After the tour of the clinic, Dr. Roker saw the same old woman walking out carrying her walker. Right then, he knew being a chiropractor was the right path for himself.

Outside of the Practice

Dr. Roker and his wife, Tresha, enjoy outdoor activities. The couple have four hunting dogs that they enjoy working with; running them in hunt tests and field trials. They are also very busy on their farm with horses, chickens and cows.

Dr. Roker has a lot of the people who come into Cherry Hill Chiropractic Center asking how often they should get adjusted. He himself gets checked once a week. He’s noticed since he began working with his dogs that he gets a lot of walking in, which has helped with keeping him in great shape.

I suggest the people who come to the office for care find a hobby they enjoy that gets you up and outdoors. It will help them improve their overall health as wellness.

Learn More About How We Can Help

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