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Meet the Team

Chiropractor Lincoln, Dr. Scott Roker

Dr. Scott Roker

“I was a skeptic about chiropractic until the day I suffered a neck injury in football.”

Dr. Roker did the usual things first, like made an appointment with a medical doctor. The doctor gave him pills and a referral to a physical therapist, but neither one really worked out. Later, a friend of his took him to see his chiropractor and in just six visits he could see positive results.

Dr. Roker has been a believer in chiropractic ever since. In fact, he’s been practicing since 1995.

Dr. Roker chose the chiropractic profession due to the fact it worked so well for him. He could also see the benefits of a health care system that strengthens the host instead of battling the disease.

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Denise Quimby, Cherry Hill Chiropractic Center Chiropractic assistant

Denise Quimby, Chiropractic Assistant

Denise joined Cherry Hill Chiropractic Center during the move to the new location at 3830 Adams Street in Lincoln. Her expertise has been in the insurance industry for the past 26 years. She is knowledgeable on how the policies perform as well as complete filing procedures and making sure the patient receives full benefits during the claims process. She enjoys the care-giving atmosphere the facility provides and building new chiropractic friendships. Outside of hours her hobbies have been playing keys in live musical bands and driving race cars. She always enjoys making “special” time for her 2-year-old grandson.

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